MX4 Design - Your opinions

I don’t know, if I am alone with my opinion about the new design, but I think it was some sort of obvious the new MX4 is going to look like this (for those who didn’t saw it yet):


It is not that I totally dislike it or would say it is ugly, but I was thinking why you should always stick to your “old” design?

Of course it might be a successor, but you should think about diffrent types as well.
My actual dream phone, should be thin, very thin. Cornered and made of brushed steele.

Somehow like this (I made this with Paint, because I suck at stuff like that):


What do you think?
Is the MX4 better designed than the MX3 or do you share my opinion that it is some sort of boring and obvious?

The MX4 built on a successful design, and except the golden version I think it looks good.


Oh I gotta tell you I love the golden one, and I’m about to get one. :D

It looks good yes, but I also gotta agree with you AOKP, keeping the same design forever is very boring. Also they took a big step towards iPhones design (like they already hadn’t…), which I kind of dislike. Not that the iPhone didn’t look good but come on, someone had this idea already, why don’t you dare to design something all new, for all others to envy?

I think the design of mx3 was perfect, so mx4 is its natural evolution… with bigger screen and narrowed bezels, and most of all better materials…
Focusing on HW, they couldn’t have done it better except for this new chip, which hasn’t been tested so far.( .and the front camera, which maybe lacks in rez)
If the mediatek will surprise us, I think this is a must to have… The perfect phone with the best (or one of the best) design together with a flagship hardware.
I already pre-ordered one (waiting for the pro version)


I would never underestimate a MTK.

Especially the 6592 clearly showed what MTK was able to provide.

Despite that, current tests clearly show that the MTK6595 clearly beats the K1 and if you take a look at the prices, you can clearly say that the MTK delivers a better performance for a smaller price.

We must also not forget the MX4 is 700RMB (€85, 115USD) cheaper than the MX3 on launch!

iPhone 6 (leaks) copy. Anyway seems too big. Nowadays phones are using big screen with lower dpi, no sense at all. IOS use smaller screen but apps and system have bigger buttons, menus, fonts accord to the screen making it look bigger.

But still like Meizu. Waiting a video review!

@‘HondaRacer’ said:

We must also not forget the MX4 is 700RMB (€85, 115USD) cheaper than the MX3 on launch!

Maybe the reason why many thinks it isn’t “Highend”.


I liked the MX3 design… And so obviously like the mx4 too!! But then that’s me :P
But i do think they can experiment with thw design with newer devices (hopefully not like samsung where it has come to a point that you can hardly tell if the phone is a flagship s5 or mid range galxy grand…)

Mediatek would be great i think… they have moved on from the low power cortex a7 cores to newer cortex a17 cores which has given the boost. Only question is whether they have managed to get over stuff like unreliable gps and willingness to push out timely updates (most mtk devices are stuck on 4.2 still…)

I like thin phones but i don’t think the battery technology has got to a point that we can have good battery life as well as any thinner phones… :(

The easier to remove cover is welcome (they even joked about mx3 cover opener in the presentation i think) :P :P

And i really love that they didn’t go quad hd but just went a bit higher over full hd calling it full hd+ (I’ve always fet quad hd for phones is a waste of pixels, battery and processing power) ;)

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