Stuck on recovery mode

Hello all,

I have a little problem here. I am stuck in recovery mode. (Meizu MX4 Pro)
I try to connect my usb to the computer and it recognizes however, I can’t access the phone to copy unto it.

How to solve this?

Looking forward to your answers


Did you tried using another port/computer maybe?

If yes, try to check your drivers in the device manager.

@Rey It recognizes the device but does not show the recovery drive


@gambari yes thats why you should try another port. Do you have a password for the recovery though? If yes, you first need to enter it.

@Rey I tried other ports, but there is no password prompt


@gambari the prompt should be on the device itself. The last thing you can try is another PC.

@Rey It doesn’t work on other PC’ s as well. So this means the phone is bricked?


@gambari if you cannot access the device you are stuck. But the device is not hard bricked though. :(

@Rey This kinda sucks… So trying through ADB is also not possible right?
Best to contact seller about this?


@gambari that would be an idea though.
To use ADB you need to boot into fastboot mode though (Power + Volume Down).

@Rey I did that and it says: in Chinese Firmware not found.

I get the option to restart or to retry to upgrade the system

@Rey The phone is completely unresponsive now. It wont even turn on anymore

@Rey Thanks for your time, it seems nothing will work.
I will contact the seller about this

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