Problem Upgrading to

Hi guys !

I tried to upgrade to but I got the “firmware corrupt” message ( to the phone then I clicked on it)

The thing is :

  • I do have a Chinese version (M576)
  • But my current firmware is (in french !)

So it’s a bit weird… Ok I have a chinese version, but as my firmware is Global, souldn’t it be ok to upgrade to ?

If it’s not possible this way, is there another one ?

Thanks in advance !!


Meizu Pro 5

Have a look at the tutorial to change you phone id (from Chinese to international).
The fact you are running a G firmware doesn’t imply your device is international


As @Kikounet95 said you still have a chinese device and therefore will have to follow the guide again.

@Kikounet95 @Rey Thanks for the fast reply !

I guess you are talking about this tutorial : ?

Should I follow it from A to Z (using method 2 or 3) ?

Thanks again & again cause i’m not really that good dealing with this kind of stuff :)

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@schizophrene282 yep thats the guide and yes simply follow it again. I personally would go with Method 2 as it is shorter, however depending however it doesn’t really matters in the end.

Great thank you ! Let’s go for it !

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