Adding additional languages on flyme 5A firmware

I would like to get information what i do wrong then adding localization on meizu m2 mini flyme 5 latest beta A firmware because there is no stable global flyme 5 only chinese
Steps that i did:

  1. Assuming there is no stable global version i downloaded it from other meizu phone pro5 for only locale files .
  2. Extracted framework-res.apk from pro5 firmwarw
  3. Decompiled framework-res.apk file and copied from pro5 locale folders to my latest flyme 5 a beta firmware folder /res
  4. compiled this framewrk-res folder
  5. signed this new framework-res.apk file( if not signed, i get never ending bootloop without any info on screen)
  6. moved this file with twrp recovery file manager to system/framework
  7. restarted
  8. got info that optimizing in process.
  9. Then finished it seems repeats optimizing and this never ends

Did that for systemui.apk and settings.apk. result the same

Anybody can tell me what i do wrong?
Any solutions?

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not working because mine phone model doesn’t have flyme 5 global. only chinese version. Modding system apps manually doesnt work.


@mgeranimus it works, even on a chinese device. Otherwise you can try to follow the guide to convert your device from the General Chat section.

But as you realized yourself - there is no global firmware for the m2 yet. What I do suggest though is using morelocale2, but this requires root.

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@Rey tried more locale 2 but seems settings Apk doesnt have any translated word. Only system ui some basic apps names translated

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@Rey i’m going to test with changing only 1 row translated content. And recompile all 3 main apps. Framework-res.apk, systemui.apk, settings.apk. best way is to wait for global release for meizu m2 mini and use your way of moving all three apk’s

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