Meizu MX5 - turns off when battery lower than 60%

its the 3rd day since my phone turns off when the battery is lower than 60% :(. i have firmware G, initially was the Chinese version.

the only way to get it back working is to plug it in. when recharging i can press START button and will work. it.s frustrating to know that when you reach 60% of battery it will expect to turn it off. I try restarting and i get the Flyme logo and then “Optimizing apps…”. then turns off again (when is not plugged in)

Do you have any advice? Also, how can i backup my apps, when on this version there is no Flyme account (UserCenter)? how you all doing it. i.m just thinking to install a Firmware test version but i know i have to “clear data”. in this case all my apps are gone, also contacts and stuff from my phone. any suggestion?

appreciate your support!


If reinstalling the firmware with clear data doesn’t works it is most likely a hardware failure. It could be the battery itself or the mainboard.

@Rey - hi, thx for response.

  • i rooted the phone
  • installed “system tuner” from Play Store (as recommended by user “dearman” in other post “shutdown randomly”)
  • changed the CPU values to 2.15GHz.
  • result - still turns off when battery is around 55%.
    just tried this hoping i will trick the shit phone. but still shuts down.

@Rey - should i install the same Firmware version? i am running on or should i try a test version, or perhaps the stable

thx again.

@Rey - i can only turn it on if i plug it in. then battery heats up but phone starts.


@flav2501 you can try a different firmware - for sure. But you seem to be quite alone with this issue. Therefore I assume it won’t help.
And the heat of the battery definitely indicates something is wrong.

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