No SIM card after update

Hi guys,

I just updated my Pro 5 and it can’t find a SIM card anymore.
When I look into my settings/about phone it shows "IMEI: NULL"
It seems my IMEI number has beend deleted because of the update.

Anyone has an idea what I could do now? How could I get back the IMEI number? (I don’t have the package anymore…)

weird, I have the same issue…you got any solution?


There was a similar case with the MX4 Pro a few months ago. It happened due to a modification done by the seller. Not much you can do about it - sadly. :(

@Rey Wow, for real?
I’m now afraid, I bought my phone in china

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I by a Meizu Pro 5 from aliexpress from china. I live in germany. It is now better NOT update my phone now?

Just for info. I did a full reinstall of the OS with data clear and the sim problem is gone.
It was somehow caused by updating without clearing data.

@Thelonious Oh, that’s why it’s always safer to Wipe data and caches

@Thelonious What does it mean to clear data? what kind of data is allowed to be deleted?

@Thelonious found it. thanks. doing it, will post back if not working.

For reference: when updating OS (power+volume up) the installation dialog has two check-boxes: one for installation and the other for clearing the data. You should toggle on Clear Data check-box (Don’t forget to back it up before), then continue.

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@Asiier said in No SIM card after update:

@Thelonious Oh, that’s why it’s always safer to Wipe data and caches

You know you’re right. I wanted to avoid it to lose little time…but I ended wasting way more of it

Just short notice: I went back to the previous version and the IMEI number was back, everything works fine. Don’t know why this happened thou…

I have issue with my Phone after the new firmware , the SIM 1 card ( 4G) is showing absent and got disabled by itself, when i restart the phones , sometimes it works for some time then during the day i notice that my SIM 1 is absent and not detected again. Please advise ASAP

I had the same, but after flashing I did a factory reset and it all came back to normal.

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