My meizu and deep sleep mode

Hello everybody,

I’m trying since quite some time to get a better battery life for my Meizu M2.
From the very first moment I turned on the phone, battery life hasn’t been great. So I went the usual way: reading hundreds of forums and conversation and installing any sort of apps (doze, greenify, XPosed module, Amplify…whatever) . The results haven’t been good: beside learning a bit how the world of Android works, the battery life is basically bad.
Please take in account that my phone is always awake. Awake for 100% of the time. I have never seen the CPU going in deep sleep even for one single second.

My conclusion is, at least with my phone, that there is something very much wrong with the OS. When I turn the screen on and check the CPU stats, the frequency is at 300Mhz. When I turn the screen off, the CPU goes immediately to 1000Hz.
So basically my phone uses more battery when I (or the apps I have installed) don’t use it.

Any idea?

Meizu Pro 6

@sbaljin One suggestion.

Do a clean install of the latest FW using ‘Clear data’ option. Don’t install any apps or add any accounts (Google, etc).

Leave the phone like that for some time and check it it is now able to go to deep sleep. If ‘yes’ then the problem may be one of your apps or accounts. If ‘no’, you may have a HW problem since I haven’t heard of anyone reporting that their Meizu stays awake 100% of the time…


Thanks for your suggestion. I have done this test, even wiping out everything and installing a “fresh” flyme OS doesn’t resolve the problem.
The CPU switches to 1040Mhz as soon as the screen is turned off. I really cannot figure out the issue, that’s why I decided to pollute the internet with another battery-android-wakelocks-help problem :)
I also checked if there was a conflict between drivers, as apparently LED and CPU don’t get along well in Mediatek devices.
Only by changing ROM I can achieve a normal battery life, with CPU in deep sleep.

We need reports to know what is going on.

Install the free XDA edition of Betterbatterystats and after 6+ hours of use of your phone post here the screenshots of these tabs:
*Partial wakelock
*Kernel wakelock

Hi and thanks you all for your answers.

The OS is 4.5.4I, I found this bug report:

Finally I decided to get rid of flymeOS and use the OS from the Elephone, I can’t provide you any more with logs&stats.

Anyway the most frequent wakelocks were mostly two: alarm and EINT, so nothing really easy to track, and the order of magnitude was not really alarming.
I even dared, suicidally, to limit them with Amplify. The phone kept working quite OK, but that didn’t affect the CPU state.
I tried to downgrade to an earlier version and to use the version and finally adopted the Elephone OS.

Battery life now is adequate and I don’t have the annoying 20% drain overnight.

I am really curious about how did you limit the EINT wakelock at Amplify, as there is no such wakelock there available.

Sorry, I was inaccurate. I limited * alarm * and many others but not EINT, if interested I used this guide:

@sbaljin said in My meizu and deep sleep mode:

Sorry, I was inaccurate. I limited * alarm * and many others but not EINT, if interested I used this guide:

I know about this guide at XDA, I was more curious about the EINT wakelock.

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