When the flyme 5 international firmware will be available??

Guys,my phone is international version but my testing the new firmware with A version… Could you please inform me when the I version will be available?


@byronakoss already is.

Now you are informed. (That is all you wanted, I guess.)

check here

m2 note Global beta version:https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1OQWWNs7yY5MzBJbEJKMVQ2Q2s (the file is re-uploaded and tested)
Alternative download link:https://mega.nz/#!DQ4FxKaI!mSqNsFkoBfnjCCwRwonjxD4xQoV3mfrVwEQs661n33s (in case too many people download the first link)

m2 note Indian beta version:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2zTdTTMZHglM0t0Y0l1MkZYOEU/view?usp=sharing

@link2patel.rp now I don’t have flyme account settings on the phone…pls help

Even I am waiting frantically for the update since ‘A’ Generic was released.
Any news on the ‘I’ version and when it might be released?


@swattikdutta G is the new I!

There will be no I ever with FlymeOS 5, because it is now called G. And as written already, it is out.

@Ultrametric Dude could you please tell me why in the g now I don’t have the flame account services?? I want to sync my data and I can’t this is a major problem…this is too fucked up…do we know when ota will be available?

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@byronakoss Because Meizu is handicapped. End of the story.

The global Meizu team is very stupid, that is why they decided to remove important FLymeOS System Applications.
Sad but true :(

For all the newcomers: I do not hate Meizu, I just have a lot of experience and knowledge.
If you do not believe this, than ask for more information.

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@Ultrametric and now I have to go back to A Jesus CHRIST… Why are they so retarded?

@Ultrametric Yes I have seen the ‘G’ version coming out, but it’s a beta version as far as I could recollect…


@swattikdutta Makes no difference.

Meizu labels firmware randomly, especially the global firmwares.
I was a global beta tester until I quite, because Meizu did not fix a single bug within 3 months. I know what I am talking about.

Do not be afraid of beta verisons, there is no no difference between stable and beta for FlymeOS

@all - i hoped MEIZU will be a tough contender against Samsung or IPh, but proved to be a cheap, difficult to handle and not reliable option. sorry to say this, but 300eur i spent last year for this phone worth nothing now. for ex my phone went off crazy. it shuts down randomly and heats up when it.s charging. also MEIZU dev team seems to have no idea when releasing new firmware versions, what to keep and what not to.

very disappointing choice for me.:(


@flav2501 Good news: You are not the only one who feels so --> means Meizu is forced to change soon, or go down.

Bad news: for now Meizu won’t give a fuck about it. (No change in sight.)

@Ultrametric - i know, that.s why i joined this forum. we should rename it to “Meizu disappointed fans” or smth like that. i think only Huawei is capable to break into Europe with reliable phones and support. but this is my opinion.


@flav2501 Dunno.

The market-share for Android right now (whole world):

~15% Samsung
~6% Huawei
~5% Xiaomi
~4% Lenovo (includes Motorola)

I would consider all of those 3, Lenovo is also Chinese.

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