defect display or problem software?!!

Hello. I got a mini Meizu m2 in November 2015. For about a month I have problems with it. Blocks and not start until after restart, heat quite loud in the room, an app pointed me even 42 degrees celsius, black background screen also has some shades of red. As it has Flyme 4.5.3C system.
Mention that shadows do not appear red on a black background when you open the phone and the display is the Meizu logo.
Can anything be done by upgrading the system or display is to blame? Maybe you have time to answer. Thank you.0_1461236034229_20160211_152601.jpg 0_1461236051271_20160211_152616.jpg

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open settings and click to display and set colour temp to cold boom your problem solve it…cheers

@KuldeepSinh-Zala I have the same problem with my m2, I fix this with setting color temperature to cold, but can u tell us whay this red shade is apearing when phone gets litle worm becouse of usage? At first 2-3 monts after buying this phone I didnt have this problems with my screen, but then started to appear. Is this hardver or software issue?

My Intelligent guess is that this is both a hardware and a software problem - the software might be pushing the screen’s hardware too much to it’s liking and so the screen reacts in a way that it displays those red lines - this guess would be confirmed if this is not fixed after a Final stable release of Flyme 5 but again, this is just an intelligent guess :)

@pedjakis i have also this problem but i guess my m2 was fall in my hand after 15 days the little damage on white panel of the device and shiwung a small white shade of disply when showing a down of disply so i cant say about this is softwer or hardwer issue but after changing display to cold the disply looking normal why any idea?


@KuldeepSinh-Zala if you want to be sure that it is not a software failure try to reinstall the firmware with clear data. Yet I personally assume is that you are having a hardware failure though.

It is a Hardware Problem. I have the same problem. I by a new display with digiteiser by aliexpress. Very cheap. Very easy to install. All now ok. The digiteiser of the display is the Problem. To much heat destroy the digiteiser. Don’ t use a case. But you must by a new display.

Thank you all for answers. It seems that this is the problem of the color temperature setting. At least for now … I hope it is not another problem. Thank you again.

My phone also facing same problem



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