I’ve been using the Pro 5 (international, 4GB rom, 64GB internal storage) with various ‘A’ firmwares, both beta and stable. I’m currently on

I found out that using 3rd party camera apps (Google camera, open camera, etc.) will only code using h.264 at a maximum bitrate of 18-19 kbps, as opposed to the stock camera using h.265 with 40-45 kbps, hence the video quality is much better using the stock camera app (obviously, because we’re using superior coding AND allow more bits to save it). I’ve tried setting the bitrate manually in such apps (to 30,35,40 mbps etc.) but it still caps out at ~18 kbps.

However, the focus speed in 4K video capture is much slower using the stock camera app, and doesn’t have a continuous focus mode (it will only refocus if you touch the screen while taking a video). The focus speed in 4K video using open camera is blazingly fast and uses continuous autofocus.

BTW, open camera insists that the Pro 5 camera has optical stabilization, but I’m sure this is a mistake, and ticking this option seems to have no effect.

Too bad we can’t have both good continuous autofocus and quality.

Does anyone know how we can force 3rd party video apps to save using h.265 with the higher bitrates as the stock camera does?

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