App icons gets scattered after reboot

Its been a month since i got my M2 note and ive started noticing abnormal behaviours.

This will be my 3rd question post.

This one is quite a pain. It seems that application icons are “resetted” everytime I reboot my phone.
For example, I would group some apps in one folder and games on another folder and such. When i reboot the phone, that folder get deleted and all its app icon contents are scattered all over the screen. This happens everytime i reboot the phone. Is there a way to lock the icons to where they are?

The phone is the international version, preloaded with flymeOS

@206_blunty are your apps installed in SD card? it usually happens when the apps are in SD card as it does not load immediately

same here,
icons at SD, icons at phone, deont change a bit.
one reboot, one mess.
anybody knows a nice app to restore icon setup on the screen?

Clear data of the System launcher. Restart phone.

That is horrible - this would really limit the amount of aps you could “nicely” have installed…

Meizu m3s

Are you guys on the default flyme launcher?

"Clear data of the System launcher. Restart phone."
Didn’t work :(

got a different launcher. problem solved.

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