MX3 encrypt


in our company, we have some rules to connect phones to work network(mail, etc.)
Included rule to go thru “google device policy”(app downloaded from market), and fill up all terms.
One of those terms is to encrypt the phone. it starts, but never ends.
(normally - on another phones/brands its working with android logo, restarting few times, and in 10 minutes its done)

Also, at another devices(mostly), there is option (in system settings) to encrypt device.
In Meizu not.

Can someone help me to solve it?

I think they dont add whole device encription just for the reason because its pretty pointless if you look at it.
If the phone is on the data is not protected with encryption. In fact you can look on all data if the phone is unlocked. If its locked, you just need the screen password to open the phone.
The only case the phone data is protected, when it was shut off and needs to boot again.
So actually its more wise to use a encrypted container ( Meizu has one called Tresor on my device ) and put sensible data in the container.

You can try if u find encription in developer options ( type *#*#6961#*#* in the dialer ). I did not check.

Other then that companys usually use a MDM to do setting on a phone. Meizu using a minimal cloud based MDM to find the Phone and do some other things.
Actually i would not like company restrictions on my private phone, i think companys should supply the device for you.

thx for you try.
yes its not important for many reasons, but for google device policy yes…
i tried developer options, but its not there…

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