Flyme OS test firmware (m2)

Firmware Highlights

  • Improve the system upgrade mode, system upgrades APP new “reception trial version firmware” switch.
  • Optimize file sharing experience, increase “Free flow fast pass” to provide visual management page.

System Upgrade

  • Improve the system upgrade mode: add “receiving trial version firmware” switch.

Free flow pass fast

  • Free flow pass fast: optimized file sharing experience, increase visualization page.


  • Music Comment: Add comment and reply comment function point Like.
  • Local Scan: add a key scan local music, support audio filter.
  • Folder Management: Add all folders management functions.
  • FM Radio: New FM radio.
  • Message Center: New Message Center, you can view comments and bulletins Reply.
  • Push message: add “to receive messages push” switch.
  • Manual adjustment sequence: playlist support manually adjust the playback sequence.
  • Version Upgrade: New version upgrade inlet.
  • Optimization: Optimization of musical support for Talkback.
  • Optimization: Adjustment Home template sort, “guess you like” to the fold.


  • Adjustment: Remove “sweep card” feature.
  • Uninstall: sweep the APP support is unloaded.


  • Optimization: Modify the order symbol panels move to the fold, “expression” on.


  • Timer: timer increases the volume control function.


  • Desktop editing: Adding mobile support under Utility mode icons and widget.
  • Prompt the desktop editing position adjustment: Optimization.


  • Fix: Even now display a blank contact list.

Lock screen

  • Optimization: lock screen camera is called the left slide to slide.


  • FIX: After connecting Wi-Fi switch to the data network will pop up authentication information.

Download Manager

  • Optimization: Reconstruction download interface, remove MD5 calculation function, start speed optimization.
  • Fix: Open “only Wi-Fi connection to download” under the mobile network in the notification bar Click on the download button does not pop-up prompts popups.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Facebook messenger chat head doesnt work. App closing

Edit: Security app - >permissions - >notification of apps - > check to enable messenger ALERT on pop-up graph. Works !

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There is some bug. I can’t recieve any sms on google messenger. Sending but not recieving. On flyme 4.5.4i working perfect

Bug solved by myself. Go to meizu m2 mini>app>google messenger sms sending fix

So from now we can just upgrade the software without a clean install?

"System Upgrade

Improve the system upgrade mode: add “receiving trial version firmware” switch."

And is Kingroot works ? (which version)


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Hey works superSU but rooted through twrp recovery before rebooting after flash

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