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Hi everybody !

I do not know if it has already been said, but I noticed something for those who like me have problems with notifications:

When in WIFI and it receives the notifications apps connecting Internet (Snapchat, Flashrésultats …) and after a while it gets nothing more, simply switch to mobile data and we receives all of a sudden! (It also applies to the passage-WIFI mobile data).
So when you can not make the switch WIFI-data is no longer receive anything after a while …
Everything is enabled in automatic executions eve Management (Security tab) and even accelerator (added to the whitelist).

I think it’s a timing issue that turns off after a while.

That if someone a solution let me know!

With current FlyMe 5 BETA but it is a recurring problem that appears on all the versions I’ve tested it seems.
Thank you.

Thank you for your answer ! Fixer notification? What is it ?
Would you advise me an application? I see in Play store PNF Root or no-ROOT but i don’t know…
And with that I could finally receive all notifications as a normal phone?


@jordan33 well it is supposed to help if you have notification problems. However, yet it is no guarantee to resolve the issues.

It didn’t work for me. I’m using Flyme

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