M2 Note Global Battery drain

Media consuming 56% of my battery life, please help 0_1460799670664_PhotoGrid_1460799072242.jpg

same problem here.
could it be indexing on media files of the sd card?
personally, i have the latest stable version of flymeos installed.

Ok I solved it.
Settings -->apps .
Force close and clean cache all the following:

  • Media service
  • Download Manager
  • Download

Reboot, and all should return to normal :)

as previously said, it is a loop occuring while the system is trying to index your sd card or/and internal storage multimedia files.

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And uses doze and greenify to monitoring with power pro

i already did your suggestion, force close and clean cache them, but it start automatically and it drains my m2 note anyway. is there other method to solve this problem
note: i am not using the sd card slot (i am using 2 simcards)

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