Contacts problem

This topic is about contacts problem and try to resolve them
Draining battery
Increasing data size


I have been using Meizu M1 note about one year.
There was a problem in contacts app.
it’s initial size is about 13.2 MB after importing my contacts.
after a while of using it, the contacts data size increasing for ever.
I waited some times to stop until it was as large as when I wanted to open contacts or call log, it’s take 20 seconds and the phone action was totally slow.
I have installed many Flyme version with different install type.,
4.5.7I stable
I also try these with clear data, format memory and different install methods.
I have removed google account

But the program still exist !!

the problem rises with a social app. IMO, Telegram, Skype, Viber.
and when I uninstall one, the problem continue with the other ones

If you have experienced such a problem, please help me

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Great data size: 72 MB (yesterday was 60 MB)


Contacts battery consumption:


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