Mx4 Pro camera photo quality

I have noticed recently that the quality of the pictures my MX4pro takes is lower. On firmware photos looked better and the size of them varied between 6 to 9 mb, while now, on photos look average and their size rarely goes above 3 mb. Is it just me who’s noticing this?

Same with My MX4 Pro…any solution???


Have you checked your camera settings? With some updates, I myself experienced the “picture quality” switched down to the lowest setting automatically after an update. First, check that, otherwise I can’t say much than try a 3rd party app (Maybe Google Camera or such) and try if that helps any.

I check the settings already, what should I check again? What applications need to be installed to raise the performance of the camera as it should. Sorry, my English is bad

It could be your camera image resolution settings; here is how to access them:

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Higher resolution should have significantly higher files size and better quality.

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