Google Play Installer Doesn't Work

Ok, so I just got a Meizu MX4 running Flyme (yes, Y. Not G, not I, not A. I have no idea what the Y version is but that’s another topic) I have tried to install Google Play via the appcenter Google Installer only to have it crash as soon as it’s opened. I tried apks, but that produced the same result. Someone please help, this is a major issue for me. If I need to change to a different version of Flyme please give me a tutorial as I have no idea how to flash roms and stuff like that.

@AkioHorri Your Y version is YunOS. I don’t know for sure but i guess that your phone is locked by version not to open or install google store. i don’t know if oher guys can help you with a tutorial for changing the rom… but… i guess is the only chance you have in order to make store working…

good luck

@DanCo90 I figured it out. My phone is the China version so I could only load the A version of Flyme. This however let Google Installer work for some reason so now everything works.

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