m2 volume settings issue with hard button

Dear m2 fans,

I bought a tiny m2 about a moth ago, and only have one issue with it.
If I want to set ringtone volume up/down with the side buttons, it seems to work (the graphical slide works) but the change does not REALLY take effect. If I check in settings menu -> volume, the slide there shows different volume, ant THAT one is the real one.

So: I cannot set rintone volume with the hard buttons, only from the settings menu, which is not the way it should be by design.

I use Flyme OS 4.5.4I

Someone, could you please help me?

@chikanygergely Thats just because of system, its not hardwer isue, and it cant be fixed, thats how flyme is designed. With volume up and down u can set only media soundas, not ringtone volume… sry but we all have same “isue” :)

Hi pedjakis,

Thanks for your response. Then how do you usually volume up / down your ringtone? Do you go to Settings > volume > and there the side button works normally. Is it the only way? Seems inconvenient… :(

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