MX4 PRO - Fingerprint problem

Hello everybody, so… I got my phone 2 weeks ago and haven’t any problems until now…

I was in school about 2 hours ago, and my fingerprint was working greatly as always, but once I ahead home it doens’t recognizes my finger anymore - in fact, it doesn’t even try . I tried to delete all the fingers used, and re-enter, but without sucess.

Other than that, works fine as back and home button.

I don’t change it’s firmware yet, it just suddenly stops.

Any tips?

(sorry for my english, brazilian here)

@Rey if you mean factory reset, yeah I did. No sucess, though


@Romario-Peixoto no I meant a reboot. If I mean a factory reset - I would have written it ;)
Did you installed a new firmware with Clear data?
In 95% of the cases this will resolve most of the issues.

@Rey Well, as I said I didnt change its firmware yet and I’m worried about messing up something if I do…

Is this my best option right now?

(yeah, I’m a newbie tbh)

@Rey I see, okay…

So just install the 4.5.7i by this method right?

Oh, also, I got this phone from aliexpress ( this seller )

Can I face any problems with IMEI?

Thanks in advance


@Romario-Peixoto to be honest - only Meizumart or EU distributor sell (sold) the international MX4 Pro. So you most likely have a chinese device, which was unlocked.

@Rey Oh… nice…

So, that means I’m not ok to go or…?


I fell my MX4 Pro with a bumper on and turned off. When its on, the fingerprint stop working but the hardware is undamaged in the outside. It happened twice where the first time was fell and in a few days, about 3, it went back. Now, it has been the 5th day since it fell.


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