Installation International firmvare problem.PLS, HELP!

I have new Meizu MX5
After installation International firmvare (“Method 2” ,instruction here : )
my phone does not work… I only see a logo “MEIZU” on a black screen.
I tried to reboot and return to factory settings ( UP volume button & power button -> Clean ) , but nothing help thame black “MEIZU” screen…

can anybody help me?
what to do ?

thank you .
best regards.

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@alexalex you must have touched the bootloader for sure. As Method 2 leaves it untouched.
Can you maybe describe step-by-step what exactly you have done?


Thank You for response.

My steps :

  1. Enable root by tapping on Settings-> Accounts-> My Flyme-> Personal settings (first option) -> System privileges and set it to open - accept disclaimer and confirm
    2.Download and successfully install Busybox
    3.Download and install a Terminal Emulator
  2. Download the correct and desired international (i) ROM/firmware from here:
  3. Download and use the (firmware) converter that creates the required system.img
  4. Copy the converted system.img from ‘‘out’’ to the internal memory of your Meizu device
  5. Go to Settings-> Display-> Sleep and set it to at least 10 minutes ( i set 30 mins )
  6. Start the Terminal Emulator and run :
    dd if=/sdcard/system.img of=/dev/block/platform/mtk-msdc.0/by-name/system
  7. After phone process finished , reboot .
    RIP …
    Logo MEIZU on display …

after 3-4 hours of waiting, I tried to do several reboots - nothing…
after this i tried to do clean and return to factory settings. but after push “clean” button , phone returns to previous display with logo “Meizu”. nothing changed

what i can to do ?

thank you .


@alexalex This will not do anything to your bootloader or recover.

You do not have a problem at all! If you followed this here stated method.

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