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Hello everyone,

Has anyone successfully used Android Pay on a Meizu Pro 5? I get an error saying “Android Pay can’t be used. Google is unable to verify that your device or the software running on it is Android compatible”.

I then tried SafetyNet Helper app from google play and it fails saying CTS profile match: false

Anyone had any luck with this? I’m using

Meizu Pro 5

Is your Android device rooted or not ?
Root users will need to disable their elevated access privileges prior to setting up Android Pay (you may turn root access back on later).

Rom also does matter… you may already update to lastest stable … and see if better

Thanks for the reply.

I’m not currently rooted but I have been in the past. Since then I’ve reset my device. Could this still be affecting it even after a reset?

EDIT: Tried on and and it still didn’t work. If anyone has a couple of minutes, could they try downloading SafetyNet Helper Sample (small download and free) from Google Play and posting their results? It would be good to know if it is just my phone or all Pro 5’s that fail this check

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I have the same issue when trying to use Android Pay.
My Pro5 is not rooted one, and the OS is 5.1.5.

@xredumb said in Android Pay:

I have the same issue when trying to use Android Pay.
My Pro5 is not rooted one, and the OS is 5.1.5.

It doesn’t matter if you are rooted or not. Meizu devices have no Google certification so every app that uses google services framework may work or not, it’s a random behavior.
Read here
Every time Google changes something on the server side, it’s a mess because every workaround used till then may not work anymore (you can find a lot of complain about google syncronisation, android wear an so on).
It’s a problem without an easy solution as Flyme made strong changes in stock android, so in my opinion Android Pay will never work on a Meizu devices.

May be you are right, ::>_<::

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