Flyme OS test firmware (MX4 Pro)


  • Optimization: calls in full-screen desktop display when a call interface.
  • Fix: Even now the status bar does not display a message recording icon displayed properly after restarting the phone.


  • Network speed: new network speed function, a key to view the current network speed.
  • Network Diagnostics: new network diagnostic function, a key to detect the current network status.
  • Entrance: Settings - Wi-Fi - Click hotspots currently connected into the details page.

Audio frequency

  • FIX: When headphones to listen to music, to micro-channel message or phone, listen to the micro-channel voice, the sound suddenly becomes large.


  • Optimization: Optimization of business card scanning processes, improve the recognition rate.

Application Encryption

  • FIX: micro-channel phone book can be read encrypted messages.

Lock screen

  • Fixed: the dark screen mode, slide to unlock gesture on an occasional flash lock screen.
  • FIX: Set up a smart wallpaper, unlock the screen will flash at lock screen wallpaper problem.
  • FIX: When you use some third-party theme, do not take effect immediately after the replacement lock screen wallpaper.


  • FIX: third-party applications do not call the camera OK button and remake after shooting.
  • Fix: under password lock screen shortcut to open the camera when using the camera flash back Burst.


  • FIX: Unable to open SMS Desktop Search Settings item.
  • FIX: The Big Picture card case Top News amputated.

Landscaping theme

  • FIX: enter the local wallpaper preview lock screen, the time display does not show only the colon.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

Hey. I just upgraded to this firmware. Does anyone know how to get the phone in root mode with this firmware version? It seems that the option on the user account to open system privileges is gone. Anyone can help?


made a test… over night (10h 30 mins) phone took 4% of battery charge

Excuse me for my english.
What is the setting of your phone?? (in security app)
For me in about 12 hours it takes 19% of battery.
But I’ve some problems with notifications. (Whatsapp work good, other application give me notification only when the app were launched)

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@Latstyle Could you give me a advice please? I am currently at 4.5.7I. There are some small bugs (network disconnections some times, gps disconnections, not synchro with native exchange account for calendar e-mails) and I am using it with English language. Would you recommend to go to this version ? Most concerns for not moving are:

  • network issues of an “A” rom in Europe
  • if A rom will be full English or Chinese will be shown here and there
  • more troubles may appear in comparison to current status.

@franzjimi almost nothing was changed there. only turned off Linked Launch Option in Power Settings (read somewhere that it cause problems with Notifications) but i only using Viber. (keep in mind im talking about Stand by Idle time over night) so in normal use ofc it will use more battery…

@Νικολας-Καρανασιος what Network issues of “A” ? firmware does not affect network Bands. im using LTE/4g (on 1800 MHz) without any problems (at least in Latvia(Europe)) never had disconnects (didnt check GPS tho as was no need for that) had zero problems with setting up Gmail account and synchronization.

and yea it have English (if its not 100 % translated then im sure its 98 % is… cause not checked all little pockets of the phone for Chinese Letters). using it… as all other Languages phone got are Chinese.

@Latstyle Thanks. In some other forums that people didn’t connect at 4G or had usual network drops, some were recommending to move to “I” which …has better compatibility with international networks. Probably ungrounded claims.
The recommendation is to go from I with clean install to this one or not a big difference for the trouble?

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@Νικολας-Καρανασιος well…they do sometimes update Modem version… but… they do it on both “I” and “A” firmwares so its a bit silly to tell that on “I” version connectivity is working better… then again… it can be simple luck… and iv seen that problem with 4g lots of times caused by Cellular network provider (as example Ukrainian “Life Operator” as iv seen works like shit on our devices) as you gonna move from non flyme 5 version then you must Clean data. i moved from stable 4.5.* just when first Flyme 5 Beta appeared… and after that getting OTA updates every week and so far im happy with it. only a bit of a problems was with 2 previous updates cause over night phone was taking not 3-4 % as i got used to… but 6-7 % but with this updates it seems like got back to normal for me.

@Latstyle What Android version do you have? I just upgraded to this firmware and did factory reset cleaning everything. I have android 5,1,1. Unfortunately I always lose 15% - 20% battery during sleep time.

Im Settings > Battery > Details > Screen off , I can see that Android OS force wake up for 4h and 30 mins (1 time) and System Service forced Wake Up 25 secs (14 times). . Could this be what is draining the battery over night? Any idea how to fix it?



@nouwsh 5.1.1 ofc… cause you cant run on any other =)
and im not sure what advice i can give here… i always clean up all background apps and folders… before night…

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This version seems to be quite good. Power consumption once again down to 5-7 % over a night. Although this might be caused purely by some random conflicts due to dirty flashing, I am still surprised about these variations, as they don’t list any mods in the power section.

So from 4.5.7 I - rooted, I just need to download the in the phone and run it from meizu file explorer? Or because I come from “I” I will need to do something additional?


@Νικολας-Καρανασιος said:

So from 4.5.7 I - rooted, I just need to download the in the phone and run it from meizu file explorer? Or because I come from “I” I will need to do something additional?

just dont forget to do clear data… and you done.

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