Audio quality compared to mx4 pro

Hi guys,
I wish to ask you how you would judge quality of pro5 especially if you can compete it to mx4 pro.
I owned a mx4 pro some time ago and I’ve to say it sounded pretty better than pro 5.
In pro5 HW should be an upgrade to mx4 pro one?

Maybe is just subjective but I think in mx4 pro bass and mid range were well defined ,when in pro 5 they sound a bit confused.

I tried also to adjust equalizer but the result is pretty the same.

What do you think?

  1. is subjective
  2. HW was better in mx4 pro
  3. Sw isn’t optimized well

Have a nice day!!

@MrBrown94 – yeah, i have to agree with you. The PRO 5 audio isn’t the best ;(

Meizu deactivated the HD audio chip for most apps as standard setting. You can add apps hwere you want to enjoy the better audio quality in a config file. There are also several threads here which describe how you can do that.

@Jan219 even with stock audio player quality is not good compared to mx4 pro it’s too messy …

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