4.5.3i to

hi…i have meizu m2 note…i buyied from vickmall…i have the 4.5.3.i flyme…now i have a notification to update it in…i tried to update…the phone reboot …it checking firmware and then it says firmware corrupt…why?i tried download the update manually and the same problem…why?can you help me…i think that the phone is no root when i run root checker…pls help me step to step or send me a link


@jliakos as far as I know “vickmall” is not an official retailer. It could be that they sold you a chinese device, which was unlocked before with this guide: https://forum.meizufans.eu/topic/2599/guide-how-to-install-i-international-firmware-on-your-chinese-mainland-meizu

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