M1 Note Home Button behavior


I’ve switched back to 4.5.7I from, due to having isssues with the 5.1.X versions.
However, I like Home Button behavior on 5.1.X versions more.

Is it possible to change Home Button behavior in version 4.5.7I so that:

  • Pressing on Home once, will perform “Back” action;
  • Sliding Up from Home, will perform “Home” action
    (to make Home work as it works in 5.1.X versions)

If it is possible, can you please advise How can it be done?

Thank you a lot!

Install Xposed +flyme tools app.

@viper Thank you for the quick reply!

Hi I just noticed on the flyme ugrade of version the home button and the screen double tap to wake options are no longer available. Does anyone know how to activate those features again on this flyme os version?

Mine, the facilities is still there

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