[Request] Stock MX4 Camera app port for CyanogenMod 12.1

Re: Flyme Camera apk MX4

Been 3 months and nobody has done anything? Can someone port mx4 camera, because mx5 camera doesn’t work, please? Preferably the newer one, from version


You could extract it from an update.zip

I can’t say anything, because I haven’t tested. But from switching from Flyme 4 to Flyme 5 to CM 12.1 and then to Flyme 4.5. I’m just going to say that Flyme 4.5 is the most stable and the best to use with MX4. Sadly I have got back to Flyme 4.5, so I don’t need the apps anymore, but thanks anyways. Maybe other people will find it helpful.

ADD: The best in my opinion is Flyme 4.5 with Flyme 5 apps.

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