Alarm clock not working (after deleting system apps)

Hey there
I rooted the device to get rid of annoying cleaner app, and ended up deleting some system apps that I thought unnecessary, which turned out rather stupid…
My alarm clock doesn’t work anymore - app seems to work but the phone doesn’t wake itself up; That’s true for every alarm clock app I install.
If someone has any idea as to how to fix that before I get fired from my workplace, I’ll be very grateful… ;)


Meizu Pro 5

@eyal i have a backup of all the system apps but it’s kind of hard to guess which one would be responsible to ‘wake the phone up’ in the event of an alarm. If you could give me a list of names of which sys apps you deleted, maybe i could help.


@eyal simply reinstall the firmware you are currently using. No clear data or anything else needed.
By the way, some say that the Alarm clock is associated with the Weather app.

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Thanks for the replies…
I restored all the apps I deleted, doesn’t seem to help… these are the ones I deleted-

How do i go about reinstalling the firmware? (I tried googling it, but didn’t find anything)

I have also same problem.

Best thing to do instead of deleting system apps is to simply just freeze them in Titanium Backup. Also, when using 3rd party alarm apps, it’s a very good idea to add them to the auto launch, standby management and accelerator lists in the security app.

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