Apps Crashing
Meizu Pro 5

I see that some apps are crashing in Pro 5 with similar symptoms. I am on Flyme I also have zopo zp998 with latest official firmware and these apps are running fine on it, I will be adding more to the list as i find them:

GTA Vice City- The game menu opens, but when i try New Game, it crashes (window just closes)
Network Monitor - On Opening the App, the window appears to load for a second and then just closes,


@djaa2807 it doesn’t helps a lot to post them here. The best way to fix force closes is to write the author of the app, especially since Meizu doesn’t really cares about it anyway.

Meizu Pro 5

@Rey Those apps are working on most android phones… sure i’ll drop the developers a note, but is the problem coming from their app or flyme os ? That is the real question. I dont think that the app developers should have to accomodate their code to walk around every phone’s firmware bugs. If the problem is from flyme, flyme devs should fix it. I should probably log these as bugs for flyme

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