MX5 - Camera error .


Recently my camera stopped working.
It says Camera error. Cannot connect to camera. Sometimes i got it working for some time, but then it stopped working again. I have no idea what the problem is. the phone did not fall or anything. Also i have noticed that after I turn on the phone the proximity sensor( im not sure what its called but the red light beneath the flash) is off, but after i try using the camera with no luck , the sensor is always on afterwards, until i shut off the phone. I tried the complete hard reset and it worked for a bit and then stopped again. Please help

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@Rey Its the latest FlymeOS
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@zogger13 I assume your issue is hardware sided. Not much you can do except buying a replacement for the camera module.

@Rey What could be the reason? The phone didnt have contact with water or fall… What bugs me is the proximity sensor being on all the time after i try turning on the camera.

hi there, I have a very similar problem, last week the camera stopped top work. I have version 5.1.3 OG installed. All was working fine and than from one day to the other just over night it stopped. the phone was just laying on the table.

@Rey I also noticed that if the phone is heated up a bit from usage or playing games or whatever, the camera starts working normally.

Hi, I have the same problem. I already bought and installed a new camera, but still the camera is not showing any picture while that little red laser is on all the time. There must be same kind of anything else…
Did sombody allready solved this issue?

@Bundix I have the same issue with red laser allways on after camera start, no image on back camera, flash gets unvailable on other apps e already replace with new camera and the issue continue. Did you already solve it?

Hi I had same problem with my camera after some upgrades it stop to wrok, was to strange because I newer drop it down. phone was even on service center and they told me is mother board problem. after some times I decide to do downgraid to the version which was before. and Camera start to work. I did next update,
my ROM is on Global version. from the official web site no working update release. all generate camera problem. Try to instal or has to solve your problems

Updated to 5.1.3G but the problem continues.

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i’m having the same problem with my meizu m3 note.
So meizu should start looking into the problem…i will try all the os versions and see if it always comes back

@RdM Ok, please let us know the results.

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