I Clear the Google play services data and my phone be dying
  • All day 5x~6x Random Reboot
  • Random Freeze
  • Sometimes manual rebooting message: optimizing 160 apps therefore the Boot time 10-20 min
  • Sometimes not starting more app (appears and then instantly disappears)
  • a lot of error message the Logcat eg.
    “WifiTrafficPoller: TRAFFIC_STATS_POLL true Token 10 num client 13”,
    “MPlugin : Unsupported class: com.mediatek.common.telephony.IOnlyOwnerSimSupport”,
    “libPerfService: Could not open ‘/d/ged/hal/custom_boost_gpu_freq’”, and ect.

I 3x use Factory Reset
i 5x use update.zip and OTA update (sometimes he wrote “Firmware corrupt.”)

Meizu M2 Note - Flyme OS

Great! First i wait the Flyme 5.

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