Error logging Flyme


Hello. I recently bought an M2 and I did Flyme account. When I connect this error occurs. How can I fix?

or it appears


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@vasy.official Did you bought this as a brand new or second hand? It seems that the device is previously registered to a different user and he/she did not unbind the device from his/her flyme account. Based on the screenshot the account that is currently logged is Contact the original owner where you bought this phone and have him/her log to this site using is flyme account Flyme Account webpage. Once the original user he/she needs to click unbind, I have provided a screenshot below (the one highlighted in blue).

If you are unable to contact the original owner, you can try to contact Meizu support to assist you to remotely logout the previous account. They will require additional information as proof of ownership before they can remotely remove the account.


Thank you very much for your answer. I will try to contact the retailer or service support Meizu.

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