Lock Screen Wallpaper

Hi All,

Is there any way to change the lock screen wallpaper for a custom one? As nice as the ones may be for the system there is no option for changing it for one of my choosing that fits my tastes. Normal day to day wallpaper was easy as I use CM Quickpic and it lets me set a photo from my gallery as my wallpaper but cannot find a way to do it for the lock screen… any idea’s on this? Where are they stored on the system… maybe I could place the wallpaper I do want to use in that location so it shows up in personalisation?

thanks in advance,


yes you can change lockscreen and main screen wallpaper. but via 3rd party aplication you cant change lockscreen, only if that app has download option for wallpaper, then navigate to gallery then choose change lockscreen wallpaper :)

You Can change the lockscreen wallpaper by using the default gallery app. open it, find your picture then press the “more” button - set as wallpaper. you can choose to set it as homescreen, lockscreen or both after positioning the picture

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