Flyme OS test firmware (m1 note)

Firmware Highlights

  • Alarm set to increase “online ringtone” entrance.
  • Calculator support slide switch mode calculation.
  • Increase in three new symbols keyboard input method.


  • Optimization: support slide switch mode calculation.
  • FIX: In terms of the interface to bring up the Task Manager interface, sporadic task bar will flash back problems.


  • Symbol: Increase math, special, number three categories of symbols keyboard.

Landscaping theme

  • Cheap Font: Font support special events.


  • Optimization: Click Search plug into the search page, hot words card pre-show.


  • Optimization: Optimization compass calibration experience.
  • Optimization: Adjust measurement scale of initialize.

Install external applications

  • Optimization: Depending on the installation source and application versions to distinguish between different installation scenarios, detailed display application permissions and chargeback risk.
  • Optimization: Increase downgrade installations processing.
  • Optimization: Tips why the installation failed.
  • Optimization: Increase related applications recommended installation.

Voice assistant

  • Optimization: Optimization Home Recommended to avoid screen flicker when loading data.
  • Optimization: Optimization of alarm to remind user experience, allows you to view all the alarm and turn off all alarm.
  • Optimization: Optimization of autodialer when using dual card language order.
  • Optimization: Optimization of support for default card.
  • FIX: 2G network cut out the voice assistant Home Recommended data show abnormalities.


  • Online ringtone: set alarm tone increase “online ringtone” entrance.
  • World Clock: World clock when adding new cities by nationality search function.
  • Optimization: Merge Ringtones and Flyme music as “local music”.

Lock screen

  • FIX: Lock screen to switch songs, even now the screen goes white, slip on the interface disorder.
  • FIX: After the phone automatically turns off the timing limit mode, the phone’s screen lock button input module downwards movement of the overall problem.
  • FIX: When you use the lock screen theme yield, lower part of the scene appears the problem of lost all desktop icons.

Audio frequency

  • FIX: listening to music with headphones, the notification bar appears murmur or break the sound mute switch.

System Upgrade

  • FIX: Click notification bar message prompted to enter the system upgrade to the latest firmware, but click from the desktop system can upgrade to the new version is detected.
  • Fixed: notification bar even now click “Download updates” no response.


  • FIX: When creating a new message, add a recipient, Lenovo list will block the entry box.
  • Repair: To more than two rows, you can not view the last line of the recipient.
  • FIX: Click the bottom bar more settings and press mback return, the bottom bar button background to disappear.


  • FIX: Bookshelf Books not update problems.
  • FIX: night mode, read the chapter name to highlight the progress of the menu is not the right questions.
  • Fix: Click the top left corner of the screen flashes to return after exit Reader Problems.

Mobile butler

  • Fixed: notification bar displays information flow switch failure problem.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS

The notifications issue is still present!
The only way to partially solve it is freezing the security app, but is not a ultimately solution.

Anyone can help me?


Which apps have problem with notifications

Most of them, gmail, tapatalk, twitter…
With the app Security unfreezed and correctly configured whatsapp works fine, but the point is that with the same configuration gmail, twitter and tapatalk doesn’t work good…
I don’t know why… Maybe the problem is related with Google Play?
I should try to use my phone without Google Play, installing apps only from the Meizu App Store…

I think so… But is unbelievable this issue…
A mobile phone without notifications is useless…
Has the stable version this problem?

@LudoPaone said:

I think so… But is unbelievable this issue…
A mobile phone without notifications is useless…
Has the stable version this problem?

Who told you that all users have such problems?
Don’t make general assumptions, if you you are not familiar with the details.

personally i dont have problems with notifications not in this release not in any older one!!!

@viper honestly I didn’t have problems until the last update… And this problem is not only mine…

Now the point is that also after a clean installation the problem is still present…
I would like to receive any notification, but at moment whatsapp works fine, but not gmail and tapatalk…
Idk what’s wrong

m1 note

you dont haer notifications, while I dont have a phone. I downloaded the file, opened it and now i am in recovery mode where it says that the file is not found in root. Ofcourse it cannot be found because it is in the download folder. the thing is that the phone wont open at all. Clear data wont work! what should I do? Please help

m1 note

@GeorgM2003 said:

Actuallyi fixed it, while on bootloader i I connected my phone at my pc, saw a memory of about 970mb.
Downloaded again a firmware, pasted there and then all went smoothly

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