1. Self-installing firmware (A) “ClearData” do more “reset to factory” and get ROOT.
  2. Download the required files and any custom firmware in formate.zip on your smartphone.
  3. install and open the first application (signedApkIDE_MX4_Unlock_BL), ROOT-provide access to it.
  4. In the application click on the “Press to Unlock Bootloader” and forward messages “Unlock Finished” then we turn it.
  5. Install and open the second application (Flashify_1.9.1), ROOT-provide access to it, and press the “Accept”
  6. In the section, select it and hit on Flash “Recovery image”, hereinafter referred to “Choose a file”, and select the file previously downloaded TWRP, that you have downloaded to your phone (twrp_2.8.7.0_build2.img), and hit on “Yup” .
  7. Click on the “Reboot now”, and wait for the phone to boot into TWRP
  8. We are in the main menu TWRP. Go to section Wipe / Advanced Wipe / 4 marks the first point at the top and pull Swipe. We are waiting for the inscription Done and return to the TWRP menu.
  9. Go to the section Install and select the custom archive PROShIVKI.zip, and then click Add More Zip file and choose our GAPPS: HDPI_miniGAPPS-5.1.1 Swipe and drag the slider. We wait…
  10. We wait until the appearance of the button “Reboot System” and press it. Done.


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