Meizu MX 5 suddenly dead

Hello everybody…, I have got a meizu mx5 not turning on… no fastboot, no recovery… not even showing battery charge animation… nothing… it showed up randomly… not after a flash… it was on charge… then in my pocket…, and suddenly dead… I can just reach the flashing mode by connecting with my pc and pressing volume minus… still locked bootloader so useless… Couple days ago it happened it turned on till i turned it off… so again no life… what could it be? battery? or logic board? anything else? any suggestion?


@Cris I think it is really dead then… :(
It could be the battery indeed, but also the motherboard. I think it will cost more to find that out than the device is actually worth.

same issue here…only black screen…but can feel the device is started because of feedback while touching the home button.
Any idea…nothing happens… looks like hardware issue?

Clamp down the volume button and the home button and hold to connect to the PC , if there will be a new device dispatcher tasks mtkusbport then you can unbrick…

@XSMC i already try that combination buttons i can just hear from my laptop that indicates it can detect my phone but just like no really happens or appear any notification… by the way how did you unbrick the phone… or can you show us how you do it… thanks…

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