HOWTO : Notifications fix with freezed security center.

Here is what I did.

  1. Root the phone.
  2. Install titanium backup.
  3. Find security center app in titanium backup.
  4. Tap it and press freeze app.
  5. Install root explorer or similar.
  6. Edit /system/build.prop as pics.
  7. Reboot

Notifications will now work.
Note: you may have to reinstall some applications if notifications still don’t work. I didn’t but you might.

@gooner Don’t know about you or anybody else but I personally find the Security app quite useful.

Honestly can’t see what the issue is. All you need to do is allow all the apps you want notifications for to autostart, allow all the apps to run in standby and add them to the Accelerator whitelist.

This way you keep Security and are able to use it’s useful features.

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it’s not necessary to freeze the security app mine works without freezing it with just the changes from Build.prop

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@ShadowOfDeth apparently it doesn’t work for all, just because it works for the apps YOU use. Good for you then.

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@Ouss-Belattar ah. Great maybe that step can be skipped then.

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