Free space

I owe 16gb mx5. Usually 12 gb of free space is enough for me. However out of 12 allowed gb on the phone 6gb is just missing. I can track 5gb of my files (including apps, movies music, everything) but I have no idea what is using the rest of the space. Any ideas ?

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@Geraman21 try to clean them over the Security Center. It has a handy tool to find large files on your storage.

Use es file explorer to see and clean

I have Es File explorer. And it can not find it. 0_1460038974527_S60407-192228.jpg

Others said to occupy 7gb of storage. No idea what it might be :/

Okey so there is a great app called diskusage. It actually showed that apps are taking far more than ES explorer displayed. And there was a recycle bin or smthng that used 2+ gb of storage. So now I more or less understand the situation. Emptied 4 gb in an instance :)

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