M2 (5inch) Sample photos i took randomly

I noticed the lack of submissions from my fellow m2 users here. perhaps they feel undermined because our camera/phone is the cheapest of the bunch, so here you go - random pictures i took using the meizu m2 without preperation. thanks!

Awei wooden earphones near a rusty window 6_1459888421606_P60404-162945.jpg A sunset photo i took after walking the dog 5_1459888421606_P60403-173132.jpg Vinegar, Spicy and sweet sauce from our store 4_1459888421605_P60331-121558.jpg Low light focused picture during an event 3_1459888421605_P60328-213016.jpg Me walking the dog 2_1459888421605_P60321-171748.jpg My Uncle’s white parrot 1_1459888421603_P60319-122755.jpg We call this one Kwek-kwek 0_1459888421603_P60305-165131.jpg

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Here is a slow motion video of my friend blowing her birthday candle, also taken using the Meizu m2 (5inch) 0_1459889276715_V60220-214300.mp4

Meizu MX4

Nice earphones :)

And the Kwek Kwek make me hungry now :stuck_out_tongue:

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