Stock Recovery

I Bricked my recovery, I can enter to fastboot or start the phone normally, someone can backup the stock recovery with flashify and upload please?. This can be helpful for others. Thanks

Please use sp flash tool from direct website. And install all drivers mentioned on website. After i hard bricked china device umi iron pro, i used this tool, but its not easy to enter china recovery mode with vcom port enabled.
When sp flash tool configured with scatter file from and untick preloader partition,
Edit : these steps to get vcom preloader mode on for meizu device.Turn off the phone—> Plug In the phone to the pc----->Hold volume up + Power—> In “device manager” popup an unknown device (really fasty)----> install the driver (vcom preloader listed now!!)—> turn off the phone-----> open sp tool—> load scatter----> set firmware upgrade-----> push download-----> Hold the volume up+power-----> flashing start (if you do all good!!)
flash tool will flash automatically your stock flyme 4.5.4i. These steps may vary from device to device.Personally Not tested by myself on meizu device

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Finally I found an easiest solution. Only for bricked recovery. Not rom or bootloader.

You can recover the stock recovery flashing it with flashify.
You can found the stock recovery here!3JEkFAjJ!B3zAs7uBhbKDXWf3xuRe33VPIZ06owhh05ZHdkYv7e0

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