Google Play Store ERROR

Whenever I go to download an app from Play Store, it says: Error retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-7:AEC-7 (KQPJ-2JHF-PGXK6)*]
*(…) this code changes every time I hit the “INSTALL” button.
Please help me, thanks!

Delete all play store data and google account, then reboot and try again

@an7they COuld you send me a link to download Google services? In case of my link is wrong

Well you should have in stock Meizu store a google installer but you can give a try this one

@an7they At the first time, i couldn’t find it on the App store so i found it on google. This time I found it on the App store (it was exactly the same thing with the same installation proccess), but it keeps stopping me with the same message.

@VantaGe Oh it’s ok now, I just downloaded “Play Store Fixer”, followed the steps (without remove any proxy & factory/data reset) and now the problem has been solved. Thanks for your help!

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