M2 Note hang and crash suddenly

Help, need opinions or inputs from all of you.

My M2N suddenly hang and freeze all the time, just white screen or sometimes black screen. And no response at all even if i hold the Power button for 15 seconds. After couple minutes it will restart itself, then at Flyme logo appears, it will optimizing app. sometimes the phone will boot normal, but after a few minutes it will freeze again, no response just a white or black screen

Sometimes, i could get into Recovery Mode if I’m lucky, Flash a new ROM, but i didnt help. Phone keep hang and freeeze with Stable or Beta, Chinese or International ROM

Have you had the same experience like this before? Is this Hardware defect? Because the phone just 2 weeks new and i didn’t even root it.

Edit :
After trying couple times, i can power off the phone. But the problems still there, sometimes it will stuck at bootloop.

What really make me wonders, everytime the phone freeze and if i could restart the phone, it will always optimizing app.

Is there bug or something with the Flyme ROM because this problem start begins after I update to OTA from And why after reflash couple new ROM, the problem still exist, even i wiped clean, factory reset even format the SD card before install new ROM

Please someone help

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@Anggaera it is not a software problem, sadly. Especially as you seem to have tried to do literally everything.
I would suggest you to contact your seller.

@Rey last time I flashed 5.1.4 Stable ROM 3 times in a row, wipe clean everything between flashing. With this ROM seems like the problem is gone.

Now it’s already almost 1 hour since last flashing and no freeze/hang problem, still waiting til tomorrow and see, hopely the problem will be gone.

hello anggaera. did u fixed your phone? i seem to have the exact same problem. but this is the way i bought te phone. even with original software, my phone kept freezing

Hello, exactly the same thing is happening to my Meizu Pro 5. I don´t know what to do more than to contact the seller :(

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