Get unlocked bootloader and TWRP on the PRO 5 chinese version

Hey guys, I have a question for y’all
Since TWRP is now available for our PRO 5 I want to get it.
The problem is that you need to unlock the bootloader first and as far as I understood you only can get that with the PRO 5 Global version.
The question is: Can I use this guide to get the Global/Intenational firmware on my Chinese version and then use this other guide to unlock the bootloader and finally install the TWRP
Thanks for your help guys :D

@Asiier Short answer… Apparently yes. Once changed to the international version I’m told you can go for the unlocked bootloader.

Meizu Pro 5

Confirmed ! I do now have a running ‘G’ converted/BL unlocked/TWRP3 Pro 5

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@ShadowOfDeth @Kikounet95 Thanks both of you guys, I’ll try it out shortly

It would be awesome if somebody could test this sucker out and see if it flashes anything and actually works. Even see if you can update firmwares and keep the unlocked bootloader AND TWRP…

Meizu Pro 5

That’s the purpose of this combo : flash anything without restriction (signature/checks). It works out of the box as soon as you remove stock bootloader and recovery from zip, and flash… The only thing to care about is the “content” of the update, otherwise it will overwrite BL/TWRP also

I just changed mobile_public to intl_official.
I was so happy about it.
But, I began to feel hifi DAC was not activated.
This sucked my whole music experience with hifi audio.
I think this is because of different bootloader which contains keys for hifi DAC.
I’m sure this is not a placebo effect.
Any one who have Chinese pro 5 shouldn’t convert to Global version because of decreased audio quality.

Mind the audio quality please!
And reply me back what do you think about that?

Meizu Pro 5

Bootloader is really basic boot program. I’m quite sure it’s not related to your HI-FI problem.

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