Chinese Apps on MX3

Quick question about the chinese apps.

QQ = messenger i know but can i set it to german or english else i would just uninstall it.

BaiDu ? What is this for and can it be set to other languages ?
The red eye like Icon app. Looks like Facebook like social media crap. Dont have a clue on that one.
The one with chinese symbole and alpha letter. Seems connected to alipay but nut sure.
Language settings and usefullnes ?

Thanks in advance

Baidu is the pretty much the Chinese Google, basically useless outside of China. You can safely remove those apps. The other app is probably WeiBo, you can also remove that.

Whats the app with blue background and Li inside ?


@‘MeizuAndi’ said:

Whats the app with blue background and Li inside ?

That seems to be for Lakala payement system (Again only for china it seems) Lakala

Other apps:
1. Alipay
2. Baidu maps
3. Weibo
4. QQ

Thankyou GreyGhost, i did delete it now aswell.

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