Change Icon Pack on flyme 5.x.x

Hey guys! newbie here. i don’t know where else to put this topic so i’m placing it here.

Does anyone know a way to change the Icon Pack on the default launcher besides installing themes from the theme store? i really wanted to change the icons but i couldn’t find a way because 1. i can’t understand Chinese therefore couldn’t navigate through the theme store and 2 i’m very new to flyme os 5.x.x on my Meizu M2 (5inch)

Thank you fir replying :)

You kinda can change the icon pack but u have to be rooted and should have flyme tools installed. In that you can change the icon for each app individually.

You used to be able to use icon sets from miui, as the icons use the package name in both miui and flyme to identify the correct application. But you have to manually extract the package and push it to the correct folder. I used to do this on the mx4. I also was making app icons for certain applications that were not themed (you can find it in the mx4 themes and apps section) I’m not sure if the process is the same now. But I’m going to pick up a pro 6 and I’ll carry on with the theming.
If i remember correctly Xposed and unicon work also.

Thank you! i will try this next week and see if it works :)

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