Spreading the Hot Toys Virus

I admid im a Hot Toys collector since 2010.

My fist Figure was Blade. It catched my attension and looked really great. I got it for 169€ new back then. If you look today on Ebay this figure goes for 600$ used now.

Until now i have quite some figures already some did increase extreamly in worth some only slightly.
Overall i only buy a few figures that i really want to have, while other ppl buy all figures or almost all.

If you ask me what my favorites are, that is really hard to say. They all look amazing.

I think at the moment its Blade, Sam Flynn with Lightcycle, Kevin Flynn with black robes, T-800, Jack Sparrow DX and Iron Man Mark IV.
In general i like all my figures.

In preoder for the moment are Captain America set with Strike Version and Steve Rogers, Winter Soldier, Captain Harlock, Marty Mc Fly and Thor (Thor2).
I might add some Guardians of the Galaxy figures and the Batman from Arkham City.



I never fought someone in germany collects those. But sounds cool anyway, maybe you want to show us some pictures. :D


I used to collect GI joe action figures when i was in school if that counts :P :P

Well i would add some pictures but i think its way better to just add links to the japanese site from Hot Toys.

Hot Toys is located in Hong Kong.

Note the first ones are already a few years old newer ones have much more accurate apearience. Figures often come with light up function and other nice goodies.

So i will just tell what i have so far and add a link to it.

Blade (Blade2): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001395

HellBoy: http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001325

Micheal Jackson Thriller Version: http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001368

Astro Boy: http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001382

War Machine (Iron Man2): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001403

Whiplash (Iron Man 2): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001404

T-800 (Terminator2): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001399

Tony Stark Mech test (Iron Man): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view

Iron Man Mark4 (Iron Man2): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001586

Abigail Whistler (Blade Trinity): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001611

T-1000 (Terminator2): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001612

Bruce Lee DX Special ( Enter the Dragon): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001623

Barney Ross (The Expendabels): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001629

T-800 (The Terminator): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001630

Sam Flynn with Light Cycle (Tron Legacy): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001649

Spiderman (Spiderman3): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001654

Kevin Flynn (Tron Legacy): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001655

Thor (Thor): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001663

Jack Sparrow DX (Pirates of the caribbean on stangers tide): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001683

Superman (Superman): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001696

New Goblin (Spiderman3): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001700

Classic Predator (Predators): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001728

Nick Fury (The Avengers): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001803

Hawkeye (The Avengers): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001865

Captain America (The Avengers): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001899

Black Widow (The Avengers): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100001937

Agent Phil Coulson (The Avengers): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100002039

Eric Draven (The Crow): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100002393

Wolverine (The Wolverine): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100002447

Captain Harlock (Space Pirate Captain Harlock): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100002493

Thor (Thor2 The dark Kingdom): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100002519

Wintersoldier (Captain America the Wintersoldier): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100002733

Steve Rogers and Captain America Strike Version set (Captain America the Wintersolder): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100002739

Marty Mc Fly (Back to the Future): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100002956

Batman ( Batman Arkham City): http://www.hottoys.jp/item/view/100002977

Not sure if i get some guardians of the Galaxy too ;)

Ok i looked for some pics in case i dont want to click all through them (but you really should).

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