go back to A version.

Re: [Guide] How to install (I) International firmware on your Chinese-mainland Meizu.

Hi Guys , i want to go back to A version from 4.5.7I to upgrade the system at the last stable A version, A.
I have to pay attention to something special or i can copy the A update file then installk them from the stock recovery?

Meizu Pro 5

General section won’t be the best place to get some help… You don’t even say a word on the phone your are using !

sorry but i’m not a frequent user of the forum so i make a mistake. My phone is MX4 bought in CHINA with firmware A. I move to I version thanks the suggestions of this forum but now i want to update the firmware because i saw it in my friend phone and it looks better than maine.


Yes, you can install the A version the same way as any other one. But be sure to clear data when swtichting between A or I version.

i have to do something particular?
I’m in FLYME 4 and i want to go in FLYME 5.

@veniero First downgrade to 4.0.4 I and then upgrade to A!

Why i have to downgrade to 4.0.4 I?
My phone is Chinese so it has originally the A firmware but , following the procedure i find in this forum, i load the firmware 4.5.7 A then i convert the 4.5.7 I and i load it.
I think that, if i downgrade to 4.0.4 I, my phone will be locked.


@veniero what @Eduard suggested is only necessary if you have bought a locked device. So you can just skip that.
For a detailed upgrade guide visit the Wiki.

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