Raspberry Pi

Just wondering if some ppl use this SoC for something.

As for me i have 3 of em. One for testing, one as webcam and one as Webradio with LCD and Buttons to change Radiostation Volume or switch to MP3.

In general i must say the Raspberry Pi is kinda dissapointing. The big plus it has is the big community. Hardwarewise it comes with nearly nothing. If you take a Cubietruck it offers way more but lacks of community and good software support from the manufactor.


Well you can use the Pi as microserver, since it is less power consuming, but being honest it is very weak for that (Meizufans would run very slow on it).

Otherwise I think that Raspberry is the future. CPU’s, RAM, Storage and all that has become smaller and smaller. See the MX3 for example. 8cores, 2GB RAM and 64GB storage (except the 128GB chinese one).

If the mainboards become smaller for smartphones, why they shouldn’t become smaller for computers too?

Basically currently the Pi can be seen as alpha for what is coming.

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