Stuck on Flyme Logo please help(MX5)

hello…i have a meizu mx5 and i tryed a factory reset but i think that was staying to much with the logo flyme spinning and i restarted my phone, after that it restarts but it get stuck on Flyme logo, i tryed to download the and put it in the recovery mode but was the same, still the logo was stuck, can anyone help me ? try to recover with an earlier version of ROM… this might work… and… BE PATIENT…:) it will load eventually…:D


Did you tried using “Clear Data”? If not do it, this is the main reason why you might get stucked there.
Also give it at least 10-15 minutes time for the first boot up.

Hi, i have MTTC MX5 and yesterday tried to upgrade Flyme to 5.1.3G and phone was staying to much with the logo flyme spinning, how go to recovery mode rollback to previous Flyme version…


@Orkas757 our Wiki should cover this. However, here the instructions (can be a bit tricky).
You need to shut the device down, you can do so by pressing the power button for 8 seconds (you will notice when it is rebooting). Then you need to press Volume Up as fast as possible. If you succeed in this, you will boot into the recovery and now can connect the device to your PC.

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