Install Google Dialer

I’m trying to replace the phone app with the Google dialer by installing the Dialer 2.1 and the Google contacts 1.1 as system apps. The problem is when calling I don’t get the popup to choose which SIM to use, and then nothing happen. I used the same method with flyme 4 and it worked fine. Anyone have a solution ?
I’m using flyme on Meizu M1 Note

Go to settings/Apps, choose dialer google like default system

@Dimitrive it adds nothing.
Could it be a missing framework or something ? Because I can only install the app as a system app, and the calling account in preferences shows a blank page With no options

Maybe missing framework, u installed google installer?

@Dimitrive Yes, used Google installer 1.4.4
Google dialer 2.1, Google contacts 1.1, got the apks from apkmirror

But u need services and framework google

@Dimitrive sorry, what framework, Could you be more specific ? Isn’t all Google related component included in the Google installer ?

Hello guys,
Since I found how to install these 2 apk to our device, I thought that it would be good to share it with you.

  1. This will only work if you have Root access

  2. First download this zip file from this link

  3. Unzip this archive and you will get 2 different apk

  4. Copy both apk to folder system/priv-app (I use free es explorer)

  5. Give these permissions to each of these apk

  6. Install each apk by click on them and select install.

  7. (Optional) Restart device

Now you should be able to find 2 new apps at application drawer :

Phone (with blue icon) and
Kk contacts
You can make shortcuts with them to access them directly from Homescreen.

Hope it helped! :-)

@Dimitrive No, the one with the needed file
It gives a 503 error

Is apk installer, tries give permission witch app

@Dimitrive I can only install Google dialer as a system app therefore it doesn’t show in the security center

U need acess security center and go to app management, acess permission witch app

@Dimitrive I know how to do it
But you can’t manage permissions for system apps, they don’t show in that list

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